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Great Dane drooling in the wind head portrait in profile.

A dog is called a man’s best friend for a reason. They are the embodiment of unconditional love and a source of entertainment. Their paws leave an indelible mark on our hearts. Our existence is sprinkled with moments of joy that our dogs bring when life is sometimes a bit too much to handle. In all the complicatedness the world brings, dogs can give a sense of simplicity. They show us what is important: to love without judgment and appreciate the little things in life. They can silence all the noise by just being there with you. And the beauty of this all? They aren’t even aware of their importance.

Whether your pet was with you for a long time or had a short stay, it’s always too soon for them to go. Losing a best friend is difficult and leaves a certain emptiness behind. But they will always be with you in your mind. When words seem unable to express the grief, pet loss poetry can help fill the void. The following poems are written to help you cope with this loss. Hold the memories of your dog close as you read the words below. Look inside your soul and you’ll see, that’s where they will always be.

1. Missing Your Presence

Who knew a soulmate

Could be wrapped in fur

You were truly a best friend to me

I will miss you in the morning

Being the first that I’d see

I will miss our long walks

And our daily talks

Although I was the one yapping away

By my side is where you’d always stay

With my hand patting your head

It felt like you could hear every word I said

I will miss everything about you

How you would jump up against me

And suddenly you were so tall

Or your excited eyes waiting to catch the ball

I will miss this and everything in between

I hope you somehow knew

You were truly my all

2. The Love Between Two Beings

You loved me without words

You hugged me without arms

You were there without it having to be earned

As long as by the end of the day I returned

You waited for me behind the door

Always happy to see me

As if I was someone you’d always adore

A bit of attention is all you ever asked for

And I’d gladly give you my affection

We had such a strong connection

And having you by my side

Always gave me a sense of protection

In you I could always confide

Lying next to me is how you replied

My hands petting your fur

In our own little bubble we were

Your cuddles were always the best

But now you reached a state of eternal rest

Not having you around anymore

Will definitely leave a scar

And I don’t know where you are

But I will forever love you from afar

3. My Source of Solace

From puppy dog eyes

To looking at me so wise

You could sense whenever I was upset

And what I’ll never forget

Is how you comforted me with your presence

Your little snout always reassuring

It would get me over whatever I was enduring

Watching your tail wag away

Would get me through any bad day

I could always count on you being there

Whatever sadness I had, you would repair

It’s amazing an animal has the ability

To provide us with a state of tranquility

You could always calm me down

And not having you around

Will be difficult to get used to

You were with me when you were small

And I watched with joy as you grew

I loved you through it all

And love you, I always will

4. A Void Left Behind

A house feeling empty

Now that you’re gone

No more barks filling up the room

Or watching you being cute as you yawn

It was a delight to have you in our lives

And in our memories, you will live on

5. Expression of Affection

We didn’t speak the same language

But your ears would go up

Every time I said your name

And with your departure

Life will never again be the same

If I could bring you back I would

And all the times I said I loved you

I hope you understood


This collection of poems is about how to deal with the loss of your beloved dog. The bond between people and their dogs is strong beyond belief. Like every person, every dog has their own personality too. This makes the connection between owners and their pets unique and special. Each of these poems describes the different feelings that can arise when having to deal with losing a precious member of your family. Hopefully they bring a bit of comfort in these difficult times.

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