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Silky Terrier laying on the couch.
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Toy in size, terrier in personality, the Silky Terrier is a lot of dog in a very small package. Spirited and intelligent, they are great company, whether for brisk walks, a romp in the park, dog sports, or curling up in your lap after a long day. But there are plenty more Silky Terrier facts that will provide insight into these adorable dogs.

1. They Come From “Down Under”

This Australian dog was developed in the early 20th century. The Silky was a cross between the Yorkshire Terrier and native Australian Terriers.

2. This Breed Has a Complicated Naming History

The Silky Terrier was originally called the Sydney Silky Terrier. In 1955, however, the official name for the breed in Australia became the Australian Silky Terrier. In the same year, the first meeting of the Sydney Silky Terrier Club of America was held. The members voted to change the name to the Silky Terrier Club of America.

Silky Terrier standing in the grass.
©Mary Bloom

3. Their Roots Make Them a Great Urban Dog

Silkys are closely associated with Sydney, Australia’s largest city, and make excellent companions for city-dwellers. They’re compact, people-oriented, low-shedding, and always up for long walks or playtime in the park.

4. They Have a Blue and Tan Coat

The Silky has a blue and tan coat, which is not a typical color for dog breeds. The breed standard describes the blue as silver blue, pigeon blue, or slate blue.

5. They Have a True Terrier Personality

Although small and bred as companions, the Silky Terrier is often more spirited and prey-driven than your typical companion dog. They’re alert, vigilant, and prone to chase any passing vermin or fleet-footed wildlife.

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