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Having trouble deciding on a name for your hunting dog? You’ve come to the right place. The following list of hunting dog names should give you some inspiration.

Let’s start with some names inspired by hunting itself:

Chase/Chaser – A great fit for tracking dogs.
Scout – Also great for trackers. If you have two dogs, and you’re a fan of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” you could go with Scout and Jem.
Dash – Great for flushing dogs.
Bolt – Also great for flushing dogs.
Trapper – Great for treeing dogs.
Arrow – Like to hunt with a crossbow? You might name your dog after your ammo.
Gunner – Like to hunt with a gun? You get the idea.
Boomer – Named after the sound that your rifle makes.
Hunter – If you want something really obvious.


Ranger – Highly appropriate for a dog accompanying armed men or women.

Now here are some names that are inspired by the type of game you hunt, or by other animals that are hunters themselves.

Buck – You might like this name if you’re a deer hunter. Buck is also the name of the rugged canine protagonist in Jack London’s “The Call of the Wild.”
Fox/Foxy – Perfect for a quick, agile, and intelligent canine.
Hawk/Hawkeye – Either the animal or the superhero — take your pick.
Bear – A great name for big dogs.
Seal – Could be a good name for a water retriever or a name inspired by the toughest branch of the military, the Navy SEALs.

Speaking of which, here are some more military-inspired hunting dog names:

Sarge – Short for sergeant, conveys authority and power.
Tank – A good name for big dogs, or big game hunters.
Blitz – Describes a type of military attack (or football play).
Duke – Really a royal title, not a military title, but it still has a powerful and imposing ring to it.
Rambo – After the iconic military film character played by Sylvester Stallone.
Troy – The Trojan army was one of the most powerful armies in history.

Perhaps you’re looking for something inspired by ancient Greek or Roman mythology. Like…

Neptune – Great if you have a retriever.
Artemis – The perfect name for a female hunting dog. Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt.
Xena – Another fantastic name for a female hunting dog. Xena is a modern fictional character, but she is associated with Greek mythology.
Hercules/Herc – It goes without saying that this is an awesome name for a dog.
Rex – Not really mythological, but it’s the Latin word for king, and it sounds quite intimidating.

Still haven’t seen anything that strikes your fancy? Here are some miscellaneous ideas:

Thunder – What’s more powerful than thunder?


Brutus – Just make sure he doesn’t betray you.
Dixie – Full of Southern charm.
Logger – Seems appropriate for a dog that hunts in the woods.
Diesel – A rugged, masculine name.
Davy – After Davy Crockett, the “King of the Wild Frontier.”

How to Name Your Dog

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