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Whether a French Bulldog or an English Bulldog, these short little guys are completely adorable. Plenty of gift ideas for the Bulldog-lover in your life.

1- Umbrella

bulldog umbreally

This umbrella is the bright spot on a rainy day: stylish, creative, and has a Bulldog on it.

2- Diaper cover

bulldog diaper cover

A diaper cover? Why not make it a Bulldog diaper cover.


3- Word Puzzle

bulldog word puzzle

It’s not a difficult word puzzle, but it certainly is one of the more creative ones.

4- Coasters

bulldog coasters

These stone coasters are good for parties or just everyday use.


5- Door knocker

bulldog door knocker

A door knocker with a bark as deep as the Bulldogs is the best way for visitors to announce themselves.


6- Sweatshirt

bulldog sweatshirt

Stylish and snuggly, this Bulldog sweatshirt is the perfect shirt for lazing around the house or taking your Bulldog to the park.


7- Magnet

bulldog magnet

The dog always gets blamed for things, this cute magnet is fighting back against the constant blame for flatulence.


8- Keychain

bulldog keychain

Sometimes it’s the simple gifts that mean the most, like this little Bulldog keychain, perfect for holding keys and so adorable at the same time.


9- Kitchen towel

bulldog towel

You can never have too many kitchen towels, and this ‘I love my Bulldog’ towel is useful and decorative.


10- Hat

bulldog hat

Hats like this Bulldog hat make winter a lot more palpable.


11- Window decal

bulldog window decal

A decal for your laptop so you can show off your love of the Bulldog whether at work or at play.


12- Blank cards

bulldog blank cards

A set of blank Bulldog cards for any occasion.


13- Coin bank

bulldog coin bank

A new rendition on the classic ‘piggy bank’, this time it’s a Bulldog bank, just as useful but so much cuter.


14- Calendar

bulldog calendar

Bulldogs twelve months a year? Who wouldn't want this? No one you want to know.


15- Salt and pepper holder


bulldog salt and pepper

A little Bulldog stand for holding the salt and pepper shakers is the perfect kitchen accessory for any Bulldog-lovers home.


16- Stuffed animal

bulldog stuffed animal

The perfect travel accessory for Bulldog owners who are missing their own best friend while on vacation.


17- Book

bulldog book

Maybe you’ll need this book when dealing with your own Bulldog, maybe not, either way ‘Bulldogs for Dummies’ is a great addition to any home library.

18- Shower curtain

bulldog shower curtain

Combining a Bulldog puppy with a shower curtain is an adorable way to bring a little extra pizzazz to the bathroom.

19- Socks

bulldog socks

Cartoonish Bulldog socks for a mundane Monday workday? Yes please!!

20- Game

bulldog game

Might be a game for children, or just the perfect way to pass a rainy afternoon at home.
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