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From their piercing eyes to their fluffy tri-colored coats, the Australian Shepherd has many fans of the breed. Here’s a list of the perfect gift to get anyone who loves this sweet, unique, and loyal dog. Whether you’re giving a gift to someone who simply loves the breed or someone who owns Australian Shepherds, this list can help out anyone and everyone.

Coffee Mugs

Whether you start your day with hot tea, hot coffee, or a long walk, these coffee mugs area great accessory to any Australian Shepherd morning routine.

Phone case

Protect your phone the way you would your Australian Shepherd with this case.

Embroidered Sports Chair

Whether for sporting events, picnics or camping, this folding chair, featuring an Australian Shepherd, has everything you need and more.

Slate Sign

Home is where the dog is… especially if there’s a sign featuring your Australian Shepherd that says “Wipe Your Paws”.

Decorative Pillow

Those pretty blue eyes will pull you in every single time you go to relax. Just decorate with one of these Australian Shepherd throw pillows.

Embroidered T-shirts

A t-shirt that perfectly depicts your Australian Shepherd. It comes in men’s and women’s sizing and a variety of colors.


Perfect to hang during any holiday time, or let’s be honest, just hang an Australian Shepherd ornament anywhere any time of year.

Baseball Hats

This baseball hat is a must-have for Australian Shepherd owners with its detailed embroidery and breathable mesh lining.

Note Cards

Written letters never go out of style, especially with these Australian Shepherd note cards.

Pajama Set

Sweet dreams are made of these punny Australian Shepherd pajamas. Enjoy a good laugh while staying cozy and comfy.

Embroidered Tote bag

As my grandmother used to say, this is what is considered a ‘good bag’. Mainly because it has an embroidered image of an Australian Shepherd on it.

Welcome Sign

Greet your guests with this handcrafted welcome sign. Featuring an Australian Shepherd, this solid oak piece is a great way to say “hello”.

Collar and Leash Set

It’s always a treat when everyday items can be both functional and good-looking, like these Australian Shepherd collar and leash sets.


These beautifully designed Australian Shepherd coasters not only protect your surfaces against water rings, they can also be customized to feature your favorite background.

Head Cork Bottle Stopper

Whether you like an oaky red or a crisp white, we can all agree that wine tastes better with your Australian Shepherd. Keep your wine fresh with this adorable, handmade bottle stopper.

Herding Group Graphic Apparel

Honor your Aussie’s natural instincts with these witty tees and hoodies.

Sterling Silver Necklace Pendant

There is no reason to not have a little something close to your heart for the times when you’re not around your Australian Shepherd.

Bangle Bracelet

Adjustable and stackable, this stainless steel bangle is the perfect way to display our sterling silver Australian Shepherd charm.


What do you get for the tech-loving, Australian Shepherd lover? A PopSocket for their phone, of course!

Microfleece Plush Robe

Pamper yourself, or someone else, with this super plush, Australian Shepherd embroidered robe.
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