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Thanksgiving is the perfect time to identify what makes us grateful. And it should come as no surprise that here at the AKC, our canine companions are at the top of our list.

In anticipation of Thanksgiving, we asked our readers to submit their favorite fall photos of their four-legged sidekicks. Here are 15 canines that make us thankful for dogs.

This Australian Cattle Dog‘s smile says it all. He’s happy to be a part of his family.

These Australian Shepherds look mighty dapper in front of this autumn-inspired backdrop.

Bounding his way straight into your heart is this joyful Bouvier Des Flandres.

Guess who wants to make sure your holiday season is bountiful? This Chesapeake Bay Retriever, that’s who.

That look of adoration from this precious Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pup? Yeah, consider our hearts melted.

Picture perfect! These English Springer Spaniels certainly know how to strike a pose.

What’s better than a bucket of Golden Retriever puppies? Two of them!

We have to admit, this Golden Retriever is the pumpkin of our eye.

“Wanna work off some of that Thanksgiving grub? Why don’t you play in the leaves with me!” says this German Shepherd Dog.

Looks like this Italian Greyhound is feeling a little chilly. Perhaps a post-party snuggle is the perfect way to warm up.

Check out this Labrador Retriever who’s looking absolutely gourd-geous!

We wonder what this Rhodesian Ridgeback is thinking about? Maybe he’d like to join the family fun! (In the safest way possible, of course.)

If you’re looking for that perfect pumpkin to make a pie with this year, this Standard Schnauzer looks more than happy to help.

Guess what?! We’ve found a Scottish Terrier who is ready and willing to serve as the official greeter to your guests this year!

Wow! This Weimaraner couple could have fooled us into thinking they just got off the Mayflower! (And of course, they didn’t, but did you know there were, in fact, at least two canines that made the trip?)

After the dishes are washed, and the guests have gone away, don’t forget to give your furry family member an extra scratch to show them just how much you appreciate having them in your life. And be sure to share pics of your precious pups enjoying the holiday on our Facebook page!