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If you happen to have a Sheltie for a family member, you know these ten things to be true…

1. They are famous for their Sheltie smile.


2. They are so smart. They are always learning new tricks and trying to outsmart you (and sometimes they succeed).


3. They are the best watchdogs. “No one messes with my flock!”


4. You're so tired of people asking your dog, “Did Little Timmy fall down the well?” Lassie was a Collie, people!


5. They love to rest in a spot where they can see everyone and make sure all is in order.


6. When you live with Shelties, it's fluff, fluff, everywhere. 


7. Whoever said dogs only understand basic words and commands has never owned a Sheltie. We're pretty sure they understand every word we're saying and have a clever response that they just can't articulate. 


8. They will run around all day with you—but are also always willing to share a little couch time. Netflix, anyone?


9. They are very professional beggars for attention and food—don’t succumb to the adorable!


10. Once you have a Sheltie, you develop an addiction—and then you’ll have Shelties for life!

Thanks to Shannon, Sawyer, Shaylee, and Peanut for being the models for this piece.
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