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It may not be the official start of summer, but Memorial Day marks the beginning of pool parties, outdoor picnics, and hikes that come with warmer weather. If you’re heading out of town for the long weekend and bringing your dog, make sure to pack some of these doggie necessities. They’ll help ensure safe travels, whether you’re hitting the beach, going camping, or visiting friends and family.

Best Car Ride Essentials

Crash-Tested Car Safety Harness

Don’t hit the road without this SleepyPod crash-tested safety harness. It’s easy to set up in the car and also functions as a walking harness, with a D-ring and reflective strips.

Sleepypod Clickit Sport Bundle Edition - Safest Dog Travel Harness (Medium, Jet Black)
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Grid Vehicle Barrier

Keep your dog secure with this barrier designed to fit most cars and SUVs. It’s easy to install and allows the driver to maintain visibility.

PetSafe Happy Ride Tubular Metal Dog Barrier

Vehicle Pet Ramp

Whether your dog is a short-legged twenty-pounder, a senior dog, or suffers from hip or joint problems, make it easier for them to get in and out of the car with two different sizes of sturdy pet ramp. It’s lightweight, has an anti-skid surface, and can hold dogs that weigh up to 400 pounds.

PetSafe Happy Ride Telescoping Dog Car Ramp

Portable Travel Bowls

This food-grade silicone collapsible bowl holds plenty of food and water for your traveling dog, and folds completely flat when not in use. Even better, this set of bowls with matching carabiners comes in two different colors, making it great for the multi-dog family.

PetBonus 2-Pack Silicone Collapsible Dog Bowls


Long Walk and Hike Essentials

Sling Dog Carrier

Take your tiny traveler everywhere with this sling-style carrier. It’s made out of soft cotton, machine-washable, and features a secure latch and collar hook. Meant for dogs that weigh up to 13 pounds, it’s perfect for taking unlimited selfies!


Tractive GPS Pet Tracker for Dogs 

In case your pup gets lost, track them quickly and accurately with this GPS pet tracker. It’s just as useful at home: the collar monitors activity and even lets you know when your dog is in a zone you’ve designated as safe or unsafe.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker for Dogs

K9 Sport Sack Air 2 Forward Facing Dog Carrier Backpack

Not only can your dog carry their own hiking and camping supplies, but this backpack has all sorts of extra features, including a thick rest pad, built-in D-ring for hooking up a collar, and chest reflective strip.


Pet First Aid Kit

We mean it when we say, “Don’t leave home without it.” This First Aid kit contains the supplies you’ll need for almost any emergency, including a thermometer, antiseptic wipes, blanket, tweezers, and much, much more.


ARCA PET Cat & Dog First Aid Kit

Outdoor Fun Essentials

Flea & Tick Spray



Dog Travel Water Bottle

On the trail, in the car, or on the beach, fresh, cold water for your dog is only a twist away. This stainless steel bottle holds plenty of liquid, and the bowl is made of food-grade silicone.

lesotc Upgraded Dog Water Bottle

Dog Life Jacket

Memorial Day marks the first day of summer fun, no matter what the calendar says. If you’re hitting the water with your dog, make sure to have this top-rated life jacket in tow. It adjusts to fit snugly around your pup’s body and has a sturdy grab handle that lets you pull them out of the water quickly. Use it on first-time swimmers and old pros alike.

Outward Hound Granby RipStop Dog Life Jacket

Flying Disc Toy

Whatever your destination, bring along some fun for your dog with this durable and nylon toy. It’s perfect for a game of fetch, and, since it floats, it’s an instant pool or beach toy. If your dog is more of a beach blanket potato, the toy’s nubby texture also makes it great for chewing.

Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Flying Disc Dog Toy, Color Varies, 9-in



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