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muddy dog

Your dog is having the best time out there in rain or snow! Isn’t it cute the way he’s leaping around like that? But wait—before you let him back inside for his well deserved treat, you might need to do some slush and mud control.

Keep a shallow pan of water, a soft scrub brush, and a towel by the door. When dog comes in, place him in the pan. Lift each paw, give it a light scrub, blot with the towel, and then let your dog inside. Problem solved. (Empty it after using it so that your dog isn’t tempted to drink the muddy water.)

If this seems like too much work (although how much more work is it to clean your carpet every time it snows or rains?), keep a container of baby wipes by the back door.

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A pair of dog boots or booties can be helpful in keeping your dog clean on muddy or snowy days, but remember to wipe down your dog’s belly, especially if it’s a small breed.

By the way, dogs with heavier coats will clean up more easily if you keep their paws well trimmed. For mud and dirt on your dog’s coat, the best remedy is to let it dry first. Many dogs, especially those bred for outdoor work, tend to shed dirt from their coats easily as soon as it dries. If you and your dog can wait it out after a mud-puddle bath, a good shake and a few swipes with a brush can leave your dog’s coat looking spotless, no bath required.

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