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These days, pet amenities offer a way to make living together more convenient — for pets and for humans. Small home improvement projects aimed at your dogs or cats can add value to your home and quality to your day-to-day life. Check out these pet-friendly, DIY project ideas.

Built-in Cabinet

Built-in units can add resale value to your home. A recent kitchen trends survey by Houzz found that 6 percent of remodelers are putting custom built-ins for pet bowls in the kitchen. A built-in cabinet near your entryway or in your mudroom can also immediately add value to your life and your pet’s life. A cabinet near the door can be used to store leashes, collars, and toys for easy access.

If you’d rather not build a cabinet from scratch, major retailers of home improvement products sell prefab units that can be cut to size.

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Pet Doors

If you have a secured yard, a pet door can give your dog access to the yard, reducing the number of times you have to take your pooch outside each day.


Pet doors come either as a pre-installed feature in a regular door or as an individual unit you can install in your current door. For added security, look for a unit with a removable shield, which allows you to seal the pet door whenever you wish.

Window Seat

Most pets are happy to spend hours gazing out the window, so why not make it more comfortable for them? A window seat will give your pet a place to enjoy the great view, and it can also be a selling point when you move.

If you’re in need of extra storage, consider converting a simple window seat into a hollow bench with a hinged lid, so you can store items inside.


Older pets often struggle to climb stairs or reach high furniture, like your bed. A simple ramp is easy to build and can help your older pet reach those high spots.

When constructing a ramp, be sure to consider your pet’s weight and the height of the furniture or stairs you want to help your pet climb. The ramp should reach the top comfortably while supporting your pet all the way up to prevent any danger.


If your dog loves the backyard, a doghouse can help keep it comfortable in hot and cold weather. While you can buy a pre-made doghouse from many retailers, you can also buy do-it-yourself (DIY) doghouse kits or design a doghouse yourself.


When choosing a doghouse, make sure your pet has room to comfortably stand and turn around inside.

By: Angela Colley

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