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SpotOn GPS Fence
SpotOn GPS Dog Fence

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Enjoying time together outdoors is one of the most rewarding parts of being a dog owner. Whether you have an active dog that needs a lot of exercise or an older dog that simply loves to lay around and sniff, you and your pet bond through participating in outdoor activities.

A fenced-in backyard is a great way to help your dog get more time outside. But for some owners, traditional fences may not be ideal options. SpotOn GPS Dog Fence offers an alternative, with no underground wires, and no transmitters. All you need is the collar, a cell phone, and yard space over half an acre. No property is too big!

Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use

Setting up your SpotOn GPS Dog Fence can be done in only a few simple steps. You can either walk the boundaries with your dog’s collar and your phone, or you can “draw” the fence on the SpotOn app. After that, you have a designated space for your dog. You can also customize up to 20 different boundaries at a time. Within these GPS boundaries, you can create off-limits areas (keep-out zones) where you don’t want your dog to go, like a swimming pool, vegetable garden, or poison ivy patch. Create a full-yard fence for your dog to roam during the day, and a smaller fence to keep them closer to the house at night. With these options, you may also consider seasonal fences that allow your dog to enjoy the water in the summer, but keep them away in the winter.

SpotOn GPS Dog Fence map
SpotOn GPS Dog Fence

Because SpotOn is managed through an app, you can take it with you while traveling. The long-lasting battery provides up to 22 hours of containment and 14 hours of tracking time. Simply charge it overnight to get it ready for the next day’s playtime.

Precise Accuracy

After you set up your fence, a GPS system will issue a series of signals to the collar as your dog approaches the boundary. You’ll train your dog to understand these signals and to retreat from the boundary.

SpotOn’s patented True LocationTM technology pinpoints your dog’s location accurately, utilizing four global satellite systems and a network of 128 satellites. Better connection to more satellites helps make your boundaries extremely accurate, so SpotOn can reliably keep your dog where they are safe.

SpotOn GPS Dog Fence

SpotOn’s system has a dedicated GPS antenna that filters out “noise” from other GPS signals. This satellite technology makes SpotOn ideal for rural areas that may have limited-to-no cell reception. The collar is also designed to automatically adjust GPS signals under dense tree cover, keeping the fence boundaries accurate. No matter the terrain, you can use these GPS signals to keep track of your dog.


A traditional fence works well for many, but there are limitations. For a large property or farm, installing a fence and staying on top of its wear and tear can be costly. Similarly, installation for an in-ground fence across multiple acres can be expensive, or time-consuming and strenuous if you do it yourself. SpotOn is cost-effective and remains so over time, especially given what you’d have to spend to install physical fencing or maintain underground wiring.

At the base level, without the optional cell phone plan, you would only need the collar, which also comes with a warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee. SpotOn offers a 10% discount for multiple-collar purchases and $150 off for active military, veterans, and first responders. You can even arrange monthly finance plans to cover the cost of the system.

Optional Subscription Cell Plan

Although SpotOn’s GPS dog fence works right out of the box with just the collar and the app, you can add an optional subscription cellular plan. You can choose from monthly, one- and two-year plans. Enhanced features for this add-on include:

  • Location tracking, so you know where your dog is, even when you can’t see them

  • Automatic alert if your dog goes beyond the fenced area. SpotOn tracks and updates their location every six seconds

  • Low battery notification

  • “Call the Dog,” a tone to train your dog for recall

  • Remote-activated light for enhanced visibility at night

Is SpotOn Right for My Dog?

SpotOn GPS Dog Fences work for dogs of different sizes and breeds. The collar comes in three sizes, ranging from ten to 26 inches. Small dogs must weigh at least 15 pounds and you should wait until your puppy matures to start using SpotOn. The collar is waterproof, too, so rainy weather won’t disrupt the signals.

Spoton GPS dog fence
SpotOn GPS Dog Fence

Easy-to-follow training videos can help you set up your SpotOn GPS fence and train your dog to the boundary. SpotOn is as committed to keeping your dog safe as you are, so their training guide shows you how to train your dog to the various warning sounds and the boundary lines.

Once your dog understands the fence boundaries, they can enjoy your space just as they would in a traditionally fenced-in yard. If you run into trouble with the training program, SpotOn’s can schedule a free, virtual 30-minute consultation with a certified dog trainer. Its entire team is also under one roof at the Manchester, New Hampshire headquarters.

SpotOn GPS Fence offers dogs and dog owners an accurate and convenient wireless containment system. The first and only GPS fence to use patented True Location™ technology, SpotOn is the easiest and most reliable way to contain your dog. Simply set the boundary using the app and leave your dog to go about their business, while you go about your day.
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