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The day is finally here. It’s time to pick up your carefully chosen puppy. You are all ready to welcome this four-legged bundle of joy to your family… Or are you?

Do you have all the puppy supplies you’ll need? Have you puppy-proofed your home? Picked out a veterinarian?

If you haven’t covered all your puppy bases, or even if you (think) you have, we’ve got just the thing for you as a new puppy owner: AKC Pupdate presented by Purina® Pro Plan®.

Whether this is your first puppy, it’s been a while since you’ve had one, or you just want to be the best (and most knowledgable) dog owner you can be, AKC Pupdate has all the information a puppy owner needs.

What is AKC Pupdate?

AKC Pupdate is a free, weekly email newsletter with personalized content based on your puppy’s breed and age. This newsletter is for all puppies, including mixed breed dogs and dogs not registered with the AKC.

Every email is personalized based on the age, size, and breed of your puppy, including an overview of how your puppy is developing. When your puppy is two months old, for example, you’ll receive articles on housetraining, introducing him to new environments, teething, etc.

Pupdate also contains health tips from our Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Jerry Klein, as well as suggested products and training info.

Wondering why you should microchip your dog? AKC Pupdate has the answer. Need tips for traveling with your pup? We have that too. Grooming advice, teething toys, training classes, and more, AKC Pupdate is the go-to resource for all things puppy.

How Does AKC Pupdate Work?

Once you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll receive a “Welcome” email and two “Puppy Basics” emails. After these, you’ll receive your next email based on the age of your pup, whether he’s two months, or six months. The email series continues until your puppy is 18 months old and then you’ll graduate!

So if you just need a refresher course on puppy raising, want to keep track of your puppy’s growth and development, or just like staying informed, AKC Pupdate is definitely for you. With all of the informational and fun articles, this newsletter will help you become a more responsible dog owner so that you can provide the best for your pup. After all, that’s our goal (and we’re sure it’s yours too).

Sign up for AKC Pupdate and experience the wealth of knowledge for yourself.

Don’t miss crucial information when it comes to raising your puppy. Get personalized training, nutritional, veterinary, and everyday advice sent straight to your inbox. Subscribe to Pupdate, a weekly email newsletter with customized content based on your puppy’s breed and age.

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