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Dogo Argentino lying in the sand on a bank of a lake.

Bred to be both a hunter and a family companion, the Dogo Argentino‘s power, courage, and tenacity speak to the breed’s hunting prowess, while their loyalty, affectionate nature, and stable temperament make them wonderful pets for the right owner. It takes a special person to own this special Working Group dog, and here are seven reasons why:

1. The Dogo Argentino is impressively powerful.

Even their looks telegraph their explosive power, strength, and energy. They have a strong head, well-balanced, muscular body, and athletic grace. The head is uniquely proportioned, with a large mouth to grab and hold prey.

2. They were first purpose-bred in Argentina as hunters.

Developed in 1928 by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez in the province of Cordoba, Argentina, the Dogo is the result of cross-breeding several large purebreds to create a breed with a stable temperament, power, and versatility.

3. Big game like boar and pumas are their quarry.

Bred to hunt across vast territory and various terrains, the Dogo Argentina’s main prey is wild boar, known to be ferocious quarry. They also are used to hunt puma, peccaries, and mountain lions.

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Large white Dogo Argentinos, Bragado and Brava El Remate, bred by Kassi McLaughlin, of San Antonio, Texas, offer a perfect contrast to Texas wildflowers. Bragado is owned by Susan and David Van-Spruill, of Virginia Beach, Virginia; McLaughlin owns Brava.

4. Dogos excel at other jobs as well.

Their tenacity, intelligence, strength, nose, and power makes the breed well-suited to a number of fields. Additionally, they are used in search and rescue, military and police work, and even as service dogs. 

5. Courage is the Dogo Argentino’s overarching quality.

A properly bred and well-trained Dogo is tenacious and will engage prey willingly. But, as is pointed out by the Dogo Argentino Club of America, their courage is born of  both a prey drive and, as important, an extremely stable temperament.

6. Dogos actually can make great household pets…for the right owners.

The Dogo Argentino is loyal, friendly, and social. They want to be included in family activities and may be playful and affectionate with human family. Dogos are protective of their people, so early socialization and training are extremely important. To be sure, this is not the dog for an inexperienced owner or one who is unable or unwilling to take charge.

7. The Dogo Argentino is a newcomer to the AKC.

The breed was first recognized in 2020, making it the 195th AKC-recognized breed. The Dogo is relatively new to the AKC scene, considering that the organization’s first breeds were officially recognized in 1878. In fact, Dogos didn’t even make an appearance in the United States until 1970. The breed was first officially recognized by the Argentine Kennel Club in 1973.

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