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Australian Shepherd puppy (3 months old) laying down in the shade with a toy.

Your beautiful litter is growing and looking for new things to explore. What can you provide your puppies during these crucial development weeks? Create a world of fun sights, sounds and textures, all from items found at your local Tractor Supply Company!

First, set up an appropriately sized exercise pen to contain the puppy fun. Put down a Retriever Super Absorbent Dog Training Pad and place several age-appropriate dog toys on the ground inside the ex-pen.

Rubber Pet Feeder Bowls come in many sizes, and can be placed upside down to climb on, or right-side up to climb in. Plain metal bowls are handy too and can be placed throughout or on top of a cookie sheet inside the pen. The metal-against-metal sounds are an added bonus! Tractor Supply Company also has metal bells in several sizes that can be hung on the sides of the ex-pen.

To create different surfaces to explore, place a square of pet turf artificial grass down and a pet ramp (not too steep, for safety).

Browse your local Tractor Supply Company for additional ideas or shop online here.