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When healthy puppies are a priority, breeders know they can’t leave it up to chance that new owners will know how to tackle every situation that comes along with adding a puppy to the family.

AKC breeders work hard to choose the right home for each puppy in their litter and often provide as many resources in their puppy packets as possible to educate and inform. Providing valuable tools to new puppy owners – beyond handouts that may be set aside in the excitement of bringing home a puppy – can help to ensure every dog ends up with a family that prioritizes health.

Pet insurance – More than Just Peace of Mind

A significant tool included in AKC registration is the 30 days of pet insurance coverage that protects puppies from certain accidents and illnesses that may occur as they transition into their new homes. This coverage can be a great introduction to the ease of pet insurance and the important role it can play in ensuring a dog can be given the best veterinary care regardless of cost.

While the 30 days of pet insurance coverage is a great start, pet insurance can do more than help new puppy buyers afford vet bills that may come from unexpected accidents and illnesses. Enrolling in an annual pet insurance policy allows owners to choose more expansive coverage such as reimbursement for exam fees, inherited and congenital coverage, and the ability to go above and beyond in veterinary treatment when their pet could benefit from alternative or holistic care for recovery.

Pet insurance also helps puppy owners stay on top of their pet’s health before an issue develops. Wellness care coverage provides reimbursement towards an annual wellness visit, vaccinations/titers, microchipping, flea and tick preventatives, and much more!

24/7 Vet Helpline – Pet Health Answers Without Leaving your Home

This year, AKC Pet Insurance has introduced the 24/7 Vet Helpline that is included with every full-term pet insurance policy. This feature couldn’t have come at a better time as the COVID-19 quarantine has made the usual process of visiting the vet close to impossible for the last few months.

The 24/7 Vet Helpline gives new puppy owners the ability to speak with licensed veterinary professionals about everything from whether their pet’s symptoms require a trip to the vet to questions about general health, training, and nutrition – all from the comfort of home. As many breeders know, puppy owners are full of questions, and having a resource like the veterinary helpline can be beneficial in teaching them how to raise a healthy, happy pup.

Training – There’s Safety in Obedience

New puppy owners need to understand the importance of training their puppy. A dog with no manners is at risk to end up in a dangerous situation that may result in injury. Encouraging your new owners to look into training opportunities for their puppy can make the difference in developing a well-rounded dog.

One such tool that can help, without owners having to leave their home, is the AKC GoodDog! Helpline. This live telephone service offers specialized training advice to new puppy owners to tackle training questions such as basic manners, socialization, and much more. A puppy who has been trained and well-socialized is so much safer interacting with the world outside the walls of their home! Encouraging your new owners to look into training opportunities for their puppy can make the difference in developing a well-rounded dog.

Community – Better Together

New owners want to stay engaged with their breeders, breed clubs, and the canine community. They want to share their dog’s lifetime with those who have also dedicated so much time and effort into supporting their breed. Much like human parents, dog owners love to share photos and videos of their successes with their dog – whether it be competing in a sport, learning a new trick, or adventuring around the globe. Consider creating a way for the owners of your litter to stay in touch with you and each other. Facebook groups, shared websites, or annual gatherings to come together as a community are important ways to build relationships and keep in touch with your puppies. This not only benefits owners who have access to a knowledgeable breeder and other owners with dogs around the same age. It also means your name is more likely to come up when these owners recommend a breeder to friends or family in the future.

Mary Shaughney is the Breeder Support Specialist for AKC Pet Insurance.