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Breeders want the best for their puppies.

They carefully seek loving owners who match well with their breed and can provide safety, health care, and training. But they may not realize how AKC Registrations give their puppies a jump start to a great life in their new homes.

In addition to preserving the puppies’ names for breed history, registration includes many other benefits like 30 days of pet health insurance through AKC Pet Insurance, a free veterinary office visit offered through AKC, and a lifetime of information and support from the AKC community.

AKC Pet Insurance wants to thank those breeders who encourage owners to register and take other steps in responsible dog ownership through its new AKC Breeder Rewards Program. AKC Pet Insurance launched this program on Nov. 10, and participating breeders can earn:

That is a potential earning of $10 per puppy in each litter.

“We are thrilled to launch this exciting new program”, said Lane Kent, President of PetPartners, the administrator of AKC Pet Insurance. “This program gives us the opportunity to show our support of AKC breeders and all they do they do for the love of dogs.”

AKC Pet Insurance launched the program, in cooperation with the American Kennel Club, to promote registrations, responsible dog ownership and the well-being of puppies, while lending support to dedicated breeders.

“Great breeders are the backbone of the AKC, and this program rewards breeders for their commitment to responsible ownership. By ensuring that their puppies are AKC registered, AKC breeders put their puppy buyers on the path of responsibility while making certain that their puppies have access to pet insurance and health care,” said Mark Dunn, Executive Vice President of the American Kennel Club.

It is easy for breeders to participate. Just enroll in the program online, and AKC Pet Insurance will take care of the rest. Breeders do not have to submit any records or track their puppy buyer’s activity. At the end of each quarter, a digital Amazon gift card for the total amount will be emailed to the address provided during the enrollment.

Dog health and well-being are at the forefront, with registration benefits like AKC’s complimentary first vet visit and AKC Pet Insurance’s 30 days of pet insurance coverage. The 30 days of pet insurance offers accident and illness coverage to newly registered puppies at no additional cost. The coverage also includes access to a 24/7 Vet Helpline that offers new puppy owners around the clock access to pet health advice and support.

“Breeders are the first and most trusted source of information for new puppy owners,” Kent said. “At AKC Pet Insurance, our offering today, with TailTrax, access to the Vet Helpline and other high-touch features, is so much more than insurance. Through this new initiative, we are reinforcing the value of the breeder to the puppy buyer and equipping both breeder and owner with the tools and resources they need to ensure peace of mind and the health and welfare of the puppy in transition to their new home.”

Another puppy buyer resource is AKC Pet Insurance’s new TailTrax mobile app. This user-friendly app is intended to help owners provide their pets with better, more efficient care by giving them the ability to easily access everything they need to support their pet’s health and well-being—anytime, anywhere. Features include:

  • Find local veterinary clinics, groomers, dog parks, dog-friendly restaurants and hotels, and more.
  • Store and manage vital pet information, including medical records, vaccine history, microchip details, registration documents, etc.
  • Easily access your pet insurance portal to view policy information, submit claims, view claim status, etc.
  • Connect to the 24/7 Vet Helpline—anytime, anywhere.
  • Receive VIP discounts for pet products and services including treats, food, toys and more.
  • Connect with friends and family who are also TailTrax users – privately and securely
  • Breeders can connect with puppy buyers and enable buyers to connect via Paw Posts

Puppy buyers who just want family pets may not see the need to register their puppy. But breeders have the ability to change that viewpoint by discussing the many aspects of registration that go far beyond breeding and showing.

“Responsible dog ownership is key to the health and well-being of dogs, and registration is an important first step for new pet owners,” Dunn said.  “It is understandable that some breeders think that AKC Registration is just about being able to breed litters and earn AKC Conformation titles, but AKC Registration opens up a world of fun for pet homes and ensures that they get off to a healthy and responsible start.”

To learn more about the program and to get signed up, visit

The AKC Breeder Rewards Program is offered through PetPartners, Inc., insurance underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company. Eligibility restrictions and other terms and conditions apply. For details and program rules, visit Please direct inquiries to AKC Pet Insurance at 800-956-2491 or