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The AKC Canine College has developed a new series of courses based on Claudia Waller Orlandi’s highly acclaimed book, “ABC’s of Dog Breeding.”

Five courses have undergone a transformation to present a more visual, user-friendly, and interactive learner experience, including up-to-date information. These revised courses are:

  • Breeding Systems
  • Pedigree
  • Selection
  • Anatomy
  • Kennel Blindness

Two more courses, Genetics and Genetic Health & Defects, will be completed this fall with more new course announcements coming soon.

These invaluable online education resources for dog breeders continue to honor the American Kennel Club’s commitment to set the gold standard for our breeds, their health, and your knowledge for all things dog.

You can view all of AKC Canine College breeder courses here:

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