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The American Kennel Club advises breeders to submit litter registrations and other applications as early as possible due to recent mail delivery delays.

A flood of mail, historic boom in online holiday purchases, and a major snowstorm in the Northeast have combined to overwhelm the US shipping service. On-time delivery rates for USPS dropped to just over 86% in the third week of December, down from 93% three weeks earlier, according to the CBS News.

The AKC is current in processing litter applications and has not changed the AKC mailing system during the pandemic.

“However, due to nationwide issues with postal service delays, it may take additional time for your litter kits to reach you,” said Jill Zapadinsky, AKC Director of AKC Registration Support. “While the AKC is always happy to assist you, please allow an extra week for your litter kit before calling the AKC requesting a reprint.”

If you mail your litter registrations, you may consider submitting online to speed up the process. For more information contact: 919-233-9767.