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Did you know that when a puppy buyer searches on AKC Marketplace, Breeders of Merit litter listings are the first ones they see?

This is because Breeders of Merit receive special AKC Marketplace benefits. These include:

  • Free litter listings for their qualified breed(s)
  • Priority placement in search results
  • Breed-Specific Breeder of Merit identification
  • Breeder of Merit icon displayed on their litter listings and profile

These benefits not only distinguish Breeders of Merit on the site, but also enable them to advertise their puppies and breeding program to puppy buyers for a full 90 days—at no cost to them.

AKC Marketplace is a great tool to easily and quickly find the right homes for your puppies with more than one million potential owners searching the site every month. Breeders of Merit who have taken advantage of their benefits agree. 79% of those surveyed are satisfied with the platform, and 63% have found homes for their entire litter of puppies in two months or less.

irish setter puppies
Photo courtesy of Kathy Grayson, AKC Breeder of Merit

Breeders of Merit have also used AKC Marketplace to increase their breeding program visibility—and educate potential owners about their breed(s). You can easily create a unique URL for your litter listing and/or breeder profile that can be linked to from a website or shared on social media. Breeders can also see how many views their profile and litter listings get each month to gauge the effectiveness of AKC Marketplace and their additional outreach.

There is also a paid monthly or annual subscription option, which gives breeders a presence on AKC Marketplace even when they do not have an active litter. Some Breeders of Merit have chosen to upgrade to ensure that their breeder profile remains priority listed in search results throughout the year, so they can continuously connect with and advise puppy seekers. Many also use subscriptions to help them to build up a waiting list for their next litter. We’ve recently added a subscription-only feature that allows breeders to indicate when their next litter will be available to facilitate this practice too.

Signing Up for AKC Marketplace

The quickest way to list your litter on AKC Marketplace is to sign up during online litter registration. You just need to make sure you’re logged into with the email address that your Breeder of Merit Inner Circle e-newsletter is sent to and select the litter listing option when prompted. After you check out, you will receive a conformation email with instructions on how to activate your litter listing.

belgian sheepdog puppies
Photo courtesy of Marion Stark, AKC Breeder of Merit

If you do not order a listing when registering a litter, you can create your free litter listing directly on the AKC Marketplace website. Sign in using the email address associated with your Breeder of Merit Inner Circle e-newsletter, select Advertise Your Litters in the navigation bar, and then Create a New Litter Listing.

Once your litter is activated, you’ll have the opportunity to upload unlimited photos and videos of your puppies and breeding program. This is an important step as litter listings and breeder profiles with photos are twice as likely to be clicked on by puppy seekers than those without any images. You will also be prompted to complete your breeder profile. This is your chance to provide details about your breeding program and achievements, as well as outline what you look for in the new owners when matching a puppy with the right home.

Why Use AKC Marketplace

AKC Marketplace, as the only site to exclusively list AKC Puppies, is quickly becoming the go-to site for puppy seekers when they search for a breeder online. They have made the decision to get a new puppy, but many of them often need to better educate themselves on what breed would fit best with their lifestyle.

dalmatian puppies
Photo courtesy of Sharron Podleski, AKC Breeder of Merit

On AKC Marketplace, we’ve started that process by providing detailed information on each breed, including breed traits and description, history, and health information, and conveying the importance of using AKC breeders. However, Breeders of Merit are best qualified to educate puppy seekers about their breed(s). Through distinguishing them on the site and giving them priority placement in search results, AKC Marketplace enables Breeders of Merit to be their first breeder point-of-contact.

Why not give AKC Marketplace a try for your next litter?
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