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Beagle puppies running and playing in a field.

Record keeping can take up much of a breeder’s time, and the paperwork adds up fast. But the AKC Breeder Toolkit is a FREE tool that provides an easy way to comply with the five year record keeping requirement. If you are tired of completing the paper Litter records, then the online Breeder Toolkit is for you! It’s a faster and more efficient way to complete and store all of your records.

Don’t know where to start? Simply log into the Breeder Toolkit. To begin inputting your litter records, click on the “Manage Litters” card, select the litter, then choose “Puppy Info,” where you will be able to add new owner information. And that’s it!

We are always trying to improve your experience so keep an eye out for new features in the Breeder Toolkit! We’ve recently launched a new feature that allows you to drag and drop cards in your desired order, so that you can access the sections of the toolkit you use more easily. You can also add cards to a “My Pinned Tools” section so that they stay at the top of the toolkit! More details to come..

Don’t have a Breeder Toolkit account? Watch this video for a quick, step-by-step guide to set one up.

For more information about the Breeder Toolkit, head to the  AKC Breeder Toolkit webpage. For more information about record keeping, go to Rules Applying to Registration and Discipline and Regulations for Record Keeping and Identification of Dogs.