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If your dog regularly joins you in your car, you’re no stranger to seeing fur or hair floating around. While dogs will shed, their fur doesn’t need to build up. Here are ways to reduce and remove the amount of dog hair in your car.

Regular Grooming

Help prevent dog hair from entering your car with a regular dog grooming routine. Most dogs need grooming at least weekly, while heavily coated breeds may need more, especially during shedding season. Regular brushing will reduce the amount of fur your dog leaves behind. Having portable grooming gear can also be helpful, allowing you to do a quick clean-up after potentially messy activities like hiking or swimming.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi enjoying getting brushed outdoors.
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Seat Covers

If your dog rides in the backseat of your car with a seatbelt restraint, put a cover over the backseat. You can purchase seat covers to fit virtually all makes and models of cars, vans, and trucks, and they are to install.


Putting your dog in a crate in the car keeps them safe, especially in the event of a collision, and can help contain fur. If the dog hair is primarily within the crate, you can remove and wash any beds or blankets inside. It’s also easy to wipe down the crate’s interior to remove any additional hair.

German Shorthaired Pointer laying down in its crate in a truck.
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How to Remove Dog Fur From Your Car

To remove dog hair from your car, have the below supplies on hand:

To clean your vehicle, start with wherever there is the largest amount of hair. Then move to the smaller areas, where fur can hide or be harder to remove. Follow these steps:

  • Start with the biggest sources of hair in the car, removing crates and/or any seat covers.
  • Follow cleaning instructions for seat covers (most are machine washable but may or may not be able to go through the dryer). Remove and wash bedding from inside any crates.
  • Vacuum, paying special attention to areas between seats and floorboards.
  • Go over the car with a lint roller.
  • Follow up with cleansing wipes on hard surfaces, like the dashboard.
Woman using vacuum standing near fluffy white dog
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New Car?

When the time comes to get a new vehicle, if you know dogs will be frequent passengers, consider opting for features like leather or vinyl seat upholstery. It is generally easier to wipe dog hair off these materials than fabric, though you might still want to use seat covers.

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