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  • Temperament: Friendly, Intelligent, Eager to Please
  • Height: 19-23 inches
  • Weight: 40-60 pounds
  • Life Expectancy: 11-13 years
  • Group: Foundation Stock Service

    The AKC has grouped all of the breeds that it registers into seven categories, or groups, roughly based on function and heritage. Breeds are grouped together because they share traits of form and function or a common heritage.

Breed Standard
Segugio Italiano
Segugio Italiano
Segugio Italiano
Segugio Italiano
Segugio Italiano
Segugio Italiano
Segugio Italiano
Segugio Italiano
Segugio Italiano puppies

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For optimum performance, the Segugio Italiano should be fed a high protein, low fat diet specifically made for performance dogs. For less active dogs, consult your veterinarian for the right diet for your dog’s activity level.  Fresh clean water should be available at all times.


Given the Segugio Italiano’s two coat types, a brushing once or twice a week will suffice. Due to its long ears, the ears should be cleaned regularly, kept dry, and flipped over regularly to allow air into the canals to prevent ear infection. Nails should be trimmed as needed. Teeth should be checked regularly for plaque build up. Specific toys and treats will help prevent dental issues along with regular brushing.

Grooming Frequency

Occasional Bath/Brush
Weekly Brushing




A brisk 30-45 minute walk and 1-2 hours of free roaming time per day will keep your Segugio Italiano healthy, happy, and fit. As for apartment dwellers, the dog will need regular trips to the dog park. For active homes, two or three major outings a week will suffice with lesser activities throughout the rest of the week. Playing games and training for dog sports like agility, obedience, and rally can also be a great way to give your dog exercise.


The Segugio Italiano is eager to please and learns quickly and therefore needs a consistent and firm handler. As with many hounds, they are best kept on lead when outside of an enclosure. Early socialization will help prevent you from having a shy or timid hound.


May be Stubborn
Eager to Please
Eager to Please


At this time, the Segugio Italiano has no known health defects.

Segugio Italiano
Segugio Italiano
Segugio Italiano
Segugio Italiano
Segugio Italiano
Segugio Italiano standing outdoors.


The Segugio Italiano is also known as the Segit (pronounced: see get). It is an ancient breed thought to have descended from Egyptian hounds who found their way to the many city states that make up today’s Italy. A scenthound originally used for wild boar dating back to Italy’s pre-Roman era, similar dogs have been depicted in statues of “Diana Cacciatrice” and “Diana Scoccante L’arco” located in the Museum of Naples and the Vatican Museum respectively. Remains of dogs identical to these hounds were discovered in the province of Verona, and a painting dating back to 1600 in the Borso d’Este castle shows a hound identical to the Italian hound. Though their exact origins remain shrouded in mystery, these artifacts serve as evidence to the hound’s long and pervasive history in the region.

After the decline of wild boar in the Italian countryside, the Segit, like many similar hunting dogs, saw a drop in popularity; many dog breeds faced extinction. Thanks to the efforts of dedicated houndsmen and the resilience of the breed, this native son of Italy is now one of the most popular dogs in its homeland. Today, Segits are most often seen hunting rabbits and other small game. Rarely tracking unintended game, this robust, medium-sized hound can be run both solo or in packs. It has been used not only to track, but to track and kill, its quarry. Known for its powerful nose and “steel legs” this dog can work in any terrain with speed and accuracy for hours on end.

Did You Know?

In July 2018, the Segugio Italiano was added to the AKC's Foundation Stock Service program.
The Segugio Italiano Pelo Raso and Pelo Forte are considered different breeds in some countries.
The Segugio Italiano has a Roman nose.
Segugi Italiano or Segugi Italiani is the plural form of Segugio Italiano.
Houndsmen in Italy are called Segugist.
The Segugio Italiano is also known as the Segit (pronounced: see get).
In Italian, Segugio Italiano means "Italian Hound."

The Breed Standard

Colors & Markings


Description Standard Colors Registration Code
Tawny Check Mark For Standard Color 198
Black & Tan 018
Grizzle 109
Tan & Black 196
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