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Taking Command May 2018

What’s New From AKC Government Relations May 2018

As many state legislative sessions begin to wind down, it is still extremely important to continue to engage your elected officials. This doesn’t just mean phone calls and emails. Some of the best ways for a legislator to learn is to experience our world hands on. Consider inviting your legislator to your events, or present them with a club award at a show. They will enjoy the publicity, especially during an election year, and they will get to experience the value of protecting the right to breed, show, and own purpose-bred dogs.

One great example of this is the recent presentation of the AKC’s Legislator of the Year Award, presented to Georgia Representative David Knight at the Griffin Kennel Club match. Gail LaBerge, AKC Delegate and President of the Georgia Canine Coalition, AKC’s federation for Georgia, was on hand to present the award along with members of the Griffin Kennel Club and local Police Officer Jordan with his K9 officer, Jake.

As summer approaches, we will see more people taking their vacations. Often that includes bringing your furry friend along. Expect to see more animals on trains, planes, and cars. It’s crucial to stay up-to-date on different policies and best practices when traveling with your pet, especially when it comes to flying, as airline pet policies are constantly changing. Make sure to review the article, ‘Flying with your pet? Check your airline’s policy’,  to ensure that you are aware of your airline’s policy. The article also includes requirements for importing a dog into the United States and from the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association.

The AKC Government Relations team is here to help you!  Contact AKC Government Relations if we can be of assistance at or 919-816-3720.