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Taking Command March 2017

What’s New from Government Relations – March 2017

Legislative sessions are in full swing across the country, with 46 state legislatures currently in session and more than 1,700 dog-related proposals already being tracked by AKC GR. With so many dog issues currently in front of legislators, now is a good time to reach out to your local representatives to share the many ways you and your dog club benefit dogs and the local community.

One powerful talking point is the economic impact that dog shows have on a local economy. The average conformation dog show exhibitor spends more than $685 on a dog show weekend. The  State Economic Impact of Dog Shows  flyers have been updated to reflect 2016 statistics. This is great information to share with your state and local lawmakers to let them know that it pays for them to support responsible dog owners and dog events!

In recent outreach to legislators AKC has focused on the importance of understanding that there is a distinct difference between animal rights and animal welfare. The most recent issue of In Session provides an article that explains the important distinction between these two terms and philosophies. Another new article discusses the closing of the Ringling Brothers circus and the impact that similar animal rights messaging could have on our dogs and sport.

Positive, fact-based messaging, such as the economic impact of dog shows flyers and information about the benefits of strong, community-oriented dog clubs is a tangible reminder to legislators of the value that dog enthusiasts, breeder-experts and club members bring to the community.

Be sure to check out our updated blog with more information on the Westwood, New Jersey, AKC Dog-Friendly Community celebration and our latest issue of In Session to learn more about what clubs and our affiliates are doing to benefit dogs and promote responsible dog ownership.

Thank you for all you do to help us as we work to protect our dogs and our sport!