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Taking Command April 2017

What’s New from GR – April 2017

Spring is an incredibly busy season for those involved with canine legislation. The majority of state legislatures are still in session, providing a great opportunity to communicate with your local lawmakers with the positive message of the many ways breeders and clubs benefit dogs and local communities.

On May 1, we celebrate National Purebred Dog Day, which is a wonderful way to publicly recognize and acknowledge all the ways purebred dogs have and continue to enhance our daily lives. Be watching for more information in the coming weeks on how you can help us celebrate this event and spread the message about the benefits of purebred dogs.

Positive, fact-based messaging is a tangible reminder to legislators of the value that fanciers, breeders, and club members bring to the community. Recently, the GR Team held our annual Canines at the Capitol event in Raleigh, where legislators came out to meet dogs and their owners, and learn more about the impact AKC and its affiliates have on the state. This is just one example of the many events AKC and clubs host throughout the country each year to educate legislators and the general public.

Joining your state federation is also a great way to partner with other fanciers, breeders and club members in your state to effectively communicate with lawmakers. AKC GR would like to welcome a new federation in California, Dog Owners of the Golden State. The GR Department works with federations of dog clubs and provides back up to fight bad dog laws and support positive measures to teach the public about responsible dog ownership and care. If your state doesn’t have an AKC federation, please consider organizing one! It’s easy. You can read more about our newest federation here.

As you reach out to lawmakers and communities, remember that AKC provides a variety of awards. These awards can help highlight responsible dog owners in your local community, recognize an outstanding legislator, or even provide a small grant to help fund an educational event in your town. To find out all the details on our various awards programs click here.

Thank you for all you do to help us as we work to protect our dogs and our sport!