March 2018 Chairman’s Report
THE NEW AKC MUSEUM OF THE DOG We celebrate our passion for purebred dogs every day of our lives – at dog shows, matches, club meetings, social gatherings, and certainly at home with our beloved canine companions.  Because we must be the voice for our dogs, we cannot be an echo chamber.  With pet ownership […] | March 14, 2018
December 2017 Chairman’s Report
As we near the end of our 133rd year as America’s strongest advocate for purebred dogs, it is a privilege to reflect on how much we have accomplished.  The cornerstone of our mission, AKC Sports and Events are our link to the past, present and future.  In 2017 we challenged ourselves to create a path […] | December 15, 2017
September 2017 Chairman’s Report
At the American Kennel Club, our love of dogs knows no bounds, and our educational mission compels us to share our passion as broadly as possible.  Reimagining the AKC Museum of the Dog in its original home in New York City is an exciting opportunity for us to introduce the wonders of the purebred dog […] | September 13, 2017
June 2017 Chairman’s Report
Making New Strides in Canine Health Whether our passion lies in the show ring, the field, the whelping box, or any combination thereof, our goal to produce, raise and own healthy purebred dogs is one we all share. With that objective in mind, I would like to tell you about the incredible advancements that we […] | June 13, 2017
September 2016 Chairman’s Report
The Show Must Go On! Conformation and Our Future The sport of Conformation is the flagship AKC event, and is the sport that is at the very foundation of our Registry.  The pursuit of Championship points, records and rankings is only a set of mileposts along a journey that is at its core about the […] | September 12, 2016
June 2016 Chairman’s Report
We come together every quarter to share information about the status of our sport and the financial health of our organization; to introduce new ideas that may shape our future; sometimes to elect our directors; and certainly for camaraderie and the pleasure of catching up with fellow dog people. The face-to-face interactions that underscore these […] | June 12, 2016
March 2016 Chairman’s Report
2016 is already showing itself to be a year of opportunity and promise, as evidenced by a wonderful new documentary about our sport that you may know about.  For those of you who are not aware, a channel called AT&T U-verse Sports created a twenty-three minute show that went behind the scenes at the 2015 […] | March 12, 2016
December 2015 Chairman’s Report
Ten years ago, the American Kennel Club took a bold step with a communications campaign that became the catalyst for a new corporate effort – to clearly establish and reinforce the American Kennel Club as the authority and advocate of purebred dogs in the eyes of the American public.  Since then, AKC has made tremendous […] | December 12, 2015
September 2015 Chairman’s Report
Every September, we take to our local communities with the rallying cry of responsible dog ownership and host over 600 RDO Day events across the country. Together with our participating clubs, we educate the public about everything we can offer them to put them on the path to being the best dog owners they can […] | September 2, 2015
March 2015 Chairman’s Report
New York, NY - As I am sure you will recall, before Ronald Reagan became President of the United States, he had a very successful career as a television and film star and as the head of the Screen Actors Guild. What you might not remember was his long-running role as GE spokesman. Starting in […] | March 12, 2015

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