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German Shepherd Canine Officer Program hero

The Kennel Club of Riverside has embraced a multi-year relationship with the Riverside Police Department’s K9 Unit. On an annual basis, the club donates funds to be used by the unit to facilitate the purchase of a dog, to supplement the training of K9’s in the unit and to support the unit’s needs. The police officers and their K9 partners visit with club members and the public during KCR’s annual all breed shows in October and from time-to-time, they attend club meetings to update the club on happenings within the unit. Club members have an open invitation to visit the training facility and meet the dogs and their trainers. The club and the RPD enjoy a solid community partnership and remain in close contact throughout the year.

On January 12, 2017, the club presented Officer Dave Taylor and Chacko with the Canine Officer Award. Officer Taylor and Chacko were the overwhelming choice of the unit to receive the award as Officer Taylor was, until his retirement in December 2016, the senior member of the unit. Officer Taylor had mentored several handlers, set the standard for working with a K9 partner and was instrumental in creating the SWAT K9 program and the K9 helicopter program.

Several members of the RPD K9 unit were present for the dinner and awards ceremony, including RPD Chief of Police Sergio Diaz. During the evening, the club presented Chief Diaz with a check for $5000 to support the K9 unit and to recognize its service.


More on Officer Taylor and Chacko….

Officer Dave Taylor has been a police officer with the Riverside Police Department for over twenty-eight years with a distinguished career which includes numerous commendations and awards for his assertiveness, professionalism, judgment, and commitment to the K-9 Handler program. Officer Taylor is the senior member of the K9 unit where he has mentored and developed five handlers on the team and worked with six different canine partners. He was instrumental in creating the department’s SWAT K9 program where he established the incorporation of a police service dog and handler to the tactical team and founded the K9 helicopter program which allowed Officer Taylor to ride on the landing gear of the helicopter while his K9 partner was carried in a specially made harness.

Officer Taylor’s current partner is a German Shepherd named “Chacko.” They have been together for several years and have been involved in countless high-risk situations, searches and tactical operations that have resulted in safe resolutions. One example of their work as a team occurred on June 18, 2014. While receiving a briefing to serve a high-risk warrant on a suspected drug cartel with suspects armed with AK-57 rifles, Officer Taylor and Chacko were called to the scene of a robbery. As they arrived, the suspects fled, Officer Taylor deployed Chacko on a long line and conducted a systematic track of the suspect. Chacko located and apprehended the suspect in thick brush. Following the apprehension, Officer Taylor and Chacko returned to the briefing and prepared to travel in the armored rescue vehicle to the original target location. When they arrived at the site of the suspected drug cartel, Officer Taylor deployed Chacko on a long line with one team to secure a secondary structure while another team moved toward the primary residence. While searching the perimeter of the structure, Chacko alerted and showed interest in some dense vegetation. Chacko had located a suspect, hidden in the vegetation. Following the suspect’s arrest, Officer Taylor and Chacko continued the search of the primary structure where AK-47 rifles had been found. Officer Taylor discovered a hatch to the attic which appeared undisturbed, but needed to be searched and secured. A plan was coordinated to breach the hatch and allow Officer Taylor to lift and place Chacko in the confined space. Chacko searched the totally dark attic space, walking along rafters, listening to the voice commands of Officer Taylor. Chacko found a suspect, hiding in the insulation and maintained a hold on the suspect until Officer Taylor was able to access the suspect and place him in custody. Due to the teamwork of Officer Taylor and Chacko along with other members of the SWAT unit, the arrest of three felony suspects and the seizure of narcotics, handguns, and additional AK-47 rifles occurred without incident.

officer and chacko

This is just one example of the bravery and skill demonstrated by the team of Officer Dave Taylor and Chacko which is a model for other K9 handlers and officers. I am proud to bring to the attention of the American Kennel Club in recognition of the Canine Officer Program Officer Dave Taylor and Chacko as an exemplary representative of the bonding, training and love that exists between a police officer and a canine partner.

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