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German Shepherd Delaware KC K9 Officer

“APO” is a magnificent German Shepherd Dog born 2/1/2012 and has had a most interesting, unusual, and intriguing life. He is now retired from the U.S. Army and did complete two tours of duty in IRAQ in 2013 and 2014 as an Explosive Detection Officer. If he could only talk, can you imagine what stories he could tell. He returned to the United States early 2015 and became apart of the “K-9 FOR COPS PROGRAM”

Sgt Robert Adams, Delaware County Sheriff’s Department traveled to Anniston, Alabama January 2015 and was partnered with K-9 APO.  Together, they began an intensive three-week training session.  The quote Sgt Adams “APO was the expert” and he, himself needed the training.  This team graduated 2/5/2015 from the North American Police Work Dog Association training session.  K-9 APO is qualified the detect 17 different odors and is also qualified to search the following areas:  buildings, luggage, vehicles and open areas. What a PRO.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Department is thrilled to have this very seasoned K-9 and welcomed him with fan-fare at the Delaware County Council meeting 2/15/2015.

Each and every day Sgt Adams and K-9 APO search a one square block of County Court House Buildings – this includes the Court House, County Council Building, a three floor office building and a two tiered underground parking lot.  All of the 5 daily searches and unscheduled and unannounced.  There were two bomb scared that K-9 APO proved to be false. K-9 APO is also available to go anywhere in Delaware County is a bomb threat is call in.  K-9 APO’s easiest duty is to report to a court room to maintain order.  This easy duty he wished happened more often.  K-9 APO’s reward for all his dedicated work is a BIG YELLOW BALL and lots of time playing with it.

K-9 APO already has a Bullet Proof Vest and a First Aid Kit that were hand-me-downs from Sgt Adams previous partner, K-9 Eddie, who is now deceased.  These were gifts from the Delaware County Kennel Club.

The residents of Delaware County are thrilled to have this very experienced K-9 working for them and are so glad he is in Delaware County and not Iraq.

The Delaware County Kennel Club is honored to nominate K-9 APO for this honor.