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Tyler Leon Allegretta THDD, owned by Patricia Allegretta of North Bergen, NJ, is an 8 year old Maltese who is certified by Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs.

He has been doing therapy work for the past six years and visits many places every week, including Holy Name Hospital and Englewood Hospital, as well as many nursing homes. Tyler, who is a member of the AKC Canine Partners program, has been recognized by the both hospitals for outstanding service.

“He is a delight to hold and behold,” Patricia said.

The AKC Therapy Dog Title program offers titles based on the amount of service that a therapy team has volunteered, giving more dogs the opportunity to earn the honor. Dogs also must be certified by an AKC-recognized therapy dog organization. Eligible dogs earn a patch, certificate and the AKC Therapy Dog title designation.

The titles are:

AKC Therapy Dog Novice (THDN). Must have completed 10 visits.

AKC Therapy Dog (THD). Must have completed 50 visits.

AKC Therapy Dog Advanced (THDA). Must have completed 100 visits.

AKC Therapy Dog Excellent (THDX). Must have completed 200 visits.

AKC Therapy Dog Distinguished (THDD). Must have completed 400 visits.

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