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Bitpat’s Dear Abby BN TD and Just Jesse TD, both owned by Elizabeth Patton of Lawrence, KS

On March 4, 2018, each of Elizabeth (Bitsey) Patton’s dogs earned a Tracking Dog (TD) title. That’s right, two TDs in one day! “It was quite a day,” said Bitsey.

Bitpat’s Dear Abby BN TD

Bitsey adopted Abby from the Lawrence (KS) Humane Society nine years ago. “This sweet dog has tracked for many years. Now she has her AKC TD,” said Bitsey, “and we hope to go on for TDX and VST.” Abby has her Beginner Novice obedience title and is also a Pet Partners registered therapy dog. She is about to begin competing in scent work.

Just Jesse TD

“Jesse is young and goofy, but he is all nose! His genial nature attracted me as I was volunteering at Prairie Paws Animal Shelter in Ottawa, KS.” Jesse has tracked for only three seasons, with time out for Bitsey’s hip replacement, but he “shows real talent for the sport. A bit of a comic, he sometimes does the unexpected, just to make me crazy. Laughing all the way, we will pursue TDX and VST,” said Bitsey. “Jesse is actively training for scent work and therapy dog work.”