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Willa Gamage.TKE

Willa Do It Right CGC TKE owned by Michelle Gamage of Fork Union, VA                                                                                                

Willa is a 3-year-old All American Dog, otherwise known as “Shy Dog Willa.” She was adopted at 4 months old and was always shy around people. Using trick training to build confidence, Willa is now able to perform for crowds doing the behaviors she loves and finds comfort doing.

She is a demo dog for manners, tricks, and stunt dog classes, competes in stunt dog and rally and dabbles in agility, treibball, disc, and scent work. Her favorite tricks are skateboard, paw on her nose, and hike your leg to fake “pee.”

Willa enjoys the outdoors; hiking, swimming, and playing fetch, as well as cuddling up in your lap for a good hug. She loves to train and learn new things and often puts her own creative twist on new behaviors. Willa has performed her tricks at large venues such as Richmond International Raceway and Purina Farms.

“Despite her shy nature, she has never let anyone tell her she couldn’t do it. When she finds her courage and confidence, she will surprise and amaze you, give you 110%, and steal your heart. You just have to be patient, positive, and understanding,” Michelle said.

Willa’s Trick Dog Elite title was earned to Dolly Parton’s song “9 to 5,” performing tricks related to the office: typing on the computer, answering the phone, eating lunch, going to the bank, getting the boss’s coffee, greeting clients, and signing for packages. At the end of the day, she grabs her purse and dances her way home.