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Flopdoodle Chloe Bean TKE owned by Christina and Gary Jones of Cibolo, TX

Christina and Gary adopted Chloe from a local city shelter on November 13, 2018. She weighed just over four pounds. After they brought her home and nursed her to health, she became a happy, healthy, 10-pound dog. Christina began teaching her basic commands and Chloe caught on extremely quickly. They took a basic manners course and the instructor suggested agility training, which they began in the summer of 2019. “Late in 2019, a friend invited us to a trick class. It was there that I learned about the AKC trick dog titles. We worked hard, achieving new titles every few weeks. On April 16, 2020, Chloe achieved her Elite Performer title. We did a skit based on her adoption and rescue story,” Christina said.

“People always tell me what a great job I’ve done with Chloe and how lucky she is to have found me. However, I feel just as lucky to have found Chloe. She has changed my life for the better and has become my constant companion. My husband is now deployed in Afghanistan, and I appreciate, more than ever, having my little furry friend Chloe by my side.”

Chloe continues to compete in agility. “Our goal is to volunteer in our local community to put a smile on people’s faces.”