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A camper or motorhome make it much easier to take your dogs with you when you travel as you can take all the comforts of home with them – and you do not have to worry about finding pet-friendly lodging.

Susan Robinson tell us about some of her family’s favorite stops with their four dogs in their motorhome. Pictured are two of her dogs in the AKC Canine Partners program: Katie Scarlett and Hannah Montana on their dog-fun packed vacation.

We love to go camping with our four dogs in our motorhome. One of our favorite places in Southern California is Temecula. There is a campground that has miles of trails behind it where the dogs can run and play. They have spotted several deer, which always causes a lot of excitement.

Another favorite place is June Lake in the Eastern Sierras. You can hike all around the lake, and the dogs can go swimming in the lake

The entire family also enjoys Shaver Lake, east of Fresno in the Sierras: Great trails and tons of boating with the dogs. We rent a pontoon boat and take the dogs with us; they love it. Another favorite at Shaver Lake is floating in a secluded cove in an inner tube. The dogs lie on our stomachs and float along with us. So much fun!

It’s amazing how wonderfully tired they get after a full day of hiking, swimming and critter chasing; it makes for a nice peaceful evening!

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