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If your dog loves water and retrieving, then they are a natural for the exciting sport of dock diving.

AKC recognizes the titles of the North America Diving Dogs (NADD) association, and there are many NADD events going on around the country every weekend. There are competitions this coming weekend (June 20-21) in New York, Maryland, Texas, North Carolina and Arkansas.

Every competition includes open practice times in which beginners can try the sport. Organizers are happy to help you. Just make sure your dog knows how to swim before trying dock diving. Your dog can wear a life jacket as a safety precaution.

The sport is open to all dogs of all breeds, including mixed-breeds, and all sizes. There is a Lap Dog division for dogs under 17-inches at the withers.

In this photo, Remy, a mixed-breed dog who is a member of the AKC Canine Partners program, takes the plunge! Remy lives with Christy Munro of Tacoma, WA.

Get information on joining the AKC Canine Partners community.

Get more information on dock diving and look for an event in your area.