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We found Molly in a newspaper ad in Ohio; her mom was a Collie and her dad was an Australian Shepherd. I’ve had dogs all my life as just pets. Our vet suggested puppy classes and that led to obedience classes.

She passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test at just 6 months old that started us on training for therapy dog certification and passing that at just a month over a year old. At her obedience class graduation, an instructor gave a demonstration on musical freestyle. I was hooked from that very moment.

We enrolled in rally classes and clicker training. We started working on freestyle routines just two months before our first competition. My husband came to watch a practice two weeks before the competition and said ‘I can’t believe that’s the same dog.’

Dancing is her real passion. She’s always been very laid back, but when she gets in her dance mode there’s no stopping her. I am so proud of my dancing girl. We do many dance routines in area nursing centers and the patients love it.