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AKC Canine Partners member Faust holds the title of Intermediate Trick Dog (ITD) through the Do More With Your Dog! program.

Faust’s owner Jennifer McLean, a Louisiana resident, has taught Faust dozens of tricks and does not plan to stop adding on skills until he achieves the most advanced title of Expert Trick Dog and she becomes a Certified Trick Dog Instructor.

Faust is only 1 year old, but already knows all the basics like sit, down and stay. But he also knows how to roll over, close a door, jump through Jennifer’s circled arms and how to weave through her legs.

“Working together to earn Faust’s Intermediate Trick Dog title has helped Faust learn many different and flashy tricks, but not only that it has allowed us to strengthen our human and canine bond,” Jennifer said.

Do More With Your Dog was founded by dog trainer Kyra Sundance. More information:

Tricks are a great way to warm up your dog for many sports and activities, including AKC Agility, Obedience and Rally – plus they are a great way for therapy dogs to entertain. Join the AKC Canine Partners program today and get involved!