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MACH Two Minutes for Ruffing MXB MJS NAP NJP XF TKN owned by Linda Arnold of Butler, PA 

Brooks was adopted from a local shelter in 2010 at 7 months old, when he “picked” Linda during a visit. He was there because of a hardship surrender due to a family move. “His shelter name had a hockey theme so his call name is derived from a past scout and coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Olympic team, plus he looks like a penguin with his white chest,” said Linda.

He loved agility from day one and learned quickly. Since Linda retired her last agility dog in 2007, she was rusty and it took time to get up to Brooks’ standards. They began competing in 2013, but in 2015, a bite from an unknown insect turned into a major systemic infection for Brooks. After six months of treatment, he recovered completely. Then, just when they could get back into competition in 2016, Linda suffered a broken ankle, losing another season. They resumed in 2017 and were fortunate to continue competing until they earned their first ever MACH title on June 3, 2018, at the Cleveland All Breed Agility Trial in Niles, OH, under Judge Kim Reeher.

“Many thanks to all my friends and fellow competitors for supporting our quest, especially my great instructor, friend and mentor, Cindy Noland,” added Linda.