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MACH Sprite’s Panda Bear MXB MJB owned by Joyce and Gregory Partykevich of Round Lake, IL

“We were very lucky for this girl to come into our lives nine years ago. She has brought us much happiness from the first time we saw her,” Joyce said.

Pandi is half Border Collie and half Australian Shepherd and was the “perfect little puppy, very sweet and smart. She loves everyone and everything she comes in contact with.” Training began with classes at the pet stores and Pandi loved going.

It wasn’t long before Joyce and Greg noticed these dogs were pictured doing the sport of Agility. So, they checked it out, and their lives were changed in a big way. “We are proud to have her and never could have imagined us coming along so nicely.”

On November 14, 2020 at WAG Agility Group in Spring Grove, IL Pandi earned her MACH title.

Pandi enjoys swimming and boating during the summer months and she also loves the rain and the snow. “She runs back and forth in the yard, catching raindrops and snowflakes in complete joy. She is a great snuggle buddy and loves to just hang out with her people,” Joyce said.

“If it hadn’t been for Pandi, we probably wouldn’t have had been introduced to all the nice dogs and people we have met at these classes and competitions throughout the years.”