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AKC Canine Partners member Kimberwulf, a Poodle-Shih Tzu mix, loves going for a bike ride with her mom, Patty Buckels of Apache Junction, AZ. She wears her protective glasses and sun visor and is ready to relax in the basket that secures to Patty's handlebars.

Such baskets are a great way for your small dog to accompany you on a bike ride! A small dog may not have the endurance to trot alongside the bike all day like a big dog might, so having a basket on your bike provides a great place for him to rest while you keep pedaling. There are many baskets on the market that are specially made for dogs to ride; some include safety tethers or are completely enclosed to keep your dog from jumping out. Be sure to choose a large enough basket for your dog to lie down and rest comfortably if you plan to take long bike rides with her. Make sure your dog gets plenty of time to get comfortable riding in the basket prior to taking a long ride.