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Iyong Tapat Kaibigan CAX16 FDC DCAT DN owned by Stephanie Markgraf of Graham, NC

Kai continues his reign as the top mixed-breed dog in Coursing Ability Tests with 400 clean runs. He earned his CAX16 at the Winter Wonderland Cluster in Perry, GA over the Thanksgiving holiday running with the Greyhound Association of Northern Georgia.

Stephanie states: “That’s a wrap for the 2019 season. After a short break, Kai will hit the bunny trail next year for his 8th year participating in Coursing Ability Tests. Although approaching 10 years old, he still loves to chase the lure. He may be a little slower since becoming a veteran, but he’s still trying to catch that bunny!”

Kai again thanks the AKC for creating the Canine Partner Program that allows him to compete in performance sports. He has run the newest sport of FCAT and loves chasing the bunnies there as well. Tally Ho!