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MACH Hopper Grace MXB MJB MXF T2B CGC owned by Malinda & Austin Kelleher of Durham, NC

Hopper Grace is a 5-year-old All-American who is believed to be a Beagle/Husky mix. Hopper was adopted from Pawfect Match in Holly Springs, NC, when she was 5 months old. “Hopper is my first agility dog, and she taught me so much about the sport. When we started competing, Hopper did a lot of zooming and sniffing. My goal was to simply get our Open titles. I never thought a MACH was possible for us. Once we learned how to work together, Hopper proved that she is an amazing athlete,” Malinda said.

“Her motto is ‘run fast and bark loud.’ She loves to tell me how much she disapproves of stopping on the table. She loves showing off her running dog walk. Hopper has a ton of drive on the agility field, but at home she loves snuggling under the covers (she thinks agility trials should start a little later in the day). Hopper is my heart dog, and we look forward to AKC nationals and hopefully Westminster next year.”