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MACH Jesse’s Girl CDX BN RE MXB MJB XF T2B CA SWA SIE SEE SBE THDA CGC owned by Cris & Robert Ballenger of Wheaton, IL

The very accomplished Jesse started her dog sports career in Obedience and Rally. She then moved on to Agility, earning her MACH at age 9. She is also a Therapy Dog. When Cris decided she should retire at age 10 they began Scent Work and finally Barn Hunt.

“Little did I know that these two sports would become her passion, especially Barn Hunt,” Cris said. “Her natural prey instinct combined with her agility speed and bravery has made her a fierce competitor. She is so much fun to play these games with and she is showing no signs of letting up at almost 11 years of age.”

The pair hopes to compete at the Barn Hunt National this year (Jesse was the top individual dog in the winter Rat Games league this year) and are working towards finishing her Master Scent Work titles. “I love my rescue girl! She inspires me with her drive and energy.”