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Third Home is the Charm, owned by Laurie Liversidge of Irving, TX 

Goose, a former stray from Dallas, had several injuries when she was picked up, including an embedded collar that had to be surgically removed. She had been adopted once but was returned to the shelter a couple of months later. “Since she had a collar on when she was found, she must have been in a home before becoming a stray. Then she was adopted once but returned, making me at least her third home – hence her name, Third Home is the Charm,” said Laurie. “She was waiting for the day I happened to be there.”

“She is not what I would normally have picked for a performance sports dog,” said Laurie, “but she is the dog always ready to try her hardest to earn a cookie.” Due to her windpipe damage (and other injuries previously suffered), she participates in less physically demanding dog sports. Besides scent work, she is in training for Obedience and Rally. The dog that was once afraid of the car has happily racked up a lot of travel miles. “While Goose will continue her beloved scent training, scent trials are still a scarce commodity in my locale and it is more likely her next AKC event will be a debut in the obedience ring,” said Laurie.

“Thank you for opening the doors to performance events for dogs like Goose.”

Goose earned her Scent Work Novice title at the Oklahoma City Obedience Training Club in Enid, Oklahoma on October 15, 2017.