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Supermutt MXS MJS OF CGC TKI owned by Gabriella Kabakchieva of Fox Point, WI

Good luck to these juniors and their All American Dogs at the 10th AKC Junior Agility Competition. The event, sponsored by Eukanuba and held in conjunction with the 2020 AKC National Championship presented by Royal Canin, takes place Friday, December 11, 2020 in Orlando, FL.

  • Pedal To The Metal AX AXJ NF owned by Faith Beauchemin of Bishopville, MD
  • Piper Grace Daube OA OAJ NJ owned by Allyssa & Rosemary Daube of Edwardsville, IL; handled by Allyssa Daube
  • Supermutt MXS MJS OF CGC TKI (pictured) owned by Gabriella Kabakchieva of Fox Point, WI
  • Little Lightning Bolt MX MXJ owned by Breyon Gunn of Andover, MN
  • Barbara Jean BN RN CGC TKN owned by Chloe Peterson of Lake Wales, FL
  • Clanton Chewie Granola Bar AX AXJ OF XFP owned by Amanda Clanton of Old Town, FL; handled by Noah Clanton
  • Meadow Full Of Misty Purple FDC MX MXJ CAA DCAT CGC TKN owned by Willow Martin of Williamsburg, VA
  • Coming Up Roses MX MXJ TKN owned by Kendall Betz of Richmond, VA
  • Lucy Robertson NAJ CGC TKA owned by Anna-Lee Robertson of Auburn, GA
  • Morty Phillip OA AXJ CGC TKE owned by Lexi Halter of Washington, IN
  • Tss Hazel Grace OA OAJ owned by Marissa Zuccone of Somerset, WI
  • Lacie’s Heart Of Gold NA NAJ NJP owned by Marissa Zuccore of Somerset, WI
  • Logan’s Little Dashing Shinigami Ryuk NA NAJ OF RATN CGC TKN owned by Antje Logan of Denham Springs, LA; handled by Finya Logan
  • Its Coming In Hot owned by Abby Zerm of Dacula, GA
  • Dharma Karma Coolidge OA AXJ NF CGC owned by Alison Coolidge of Stuart, FL and Riley Desrosiers Canton, GA; handled by Riley Desrosiers
  • Helmboldt’s Jill NA NAJ AXP AJP owned by Nancy D. Helmboldt of Roseburg, OR; handled by Davin Croft of Woodburn, OR
  • Devin’s Redheaded Jazz OA AXJ owned by Devin Croft of Woodburn, OR