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Spartacus – Forever Home CGC SWN, owned by Lisa Gendhar of Kalamazoo, MI

Lisa Gendhar adopted Spartacus from her local animal shelter in Kalamazoo, Michigan on October 24, 2008 when he was about 1 ½ years old. “I went to the shelter looking to adopt a German Shepherd when I came across Spartacus,” she said. “He was a beautiful dog. I noticed his fee had been reduced considerably compared to other dogs in the shelter. I asked the staff about him and found out that he had been adopted out twice and returned twice. Typically, they euthanize dogs like this but because he was a favorite, they decided to give him another chance and so did I.”

Spartacus started out doing agility until he suffered an ACL injury. Lisa considered returning to agility after surgery but unfortunately, they were not able to do that. So, she began scent work training with him in 2016.

On November 5, 2017, he earned his AKC Novice Scent Work Title at a Paw Power Blue Agility Club of NW Indiana Scent work trial. He took 2nd place in one of the Exterior Element trials. After earning his SWN, he moved up to the Advanced level where he earned 4th place in a Buried element trial. “We entered our very first Handler Discrimination trial that weekend as well, where he took 1st place in one trial,” said Lisa.

Lisa and Spartacus, now 10 ½ years old, have been together for over 9 years.