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MACH African Queen MXS MJS OF CGC owned by MaryAnne Borowski of Millstone Township, NJ

Zuri came into MaryAnne’s life in Monmouth County, NJ, after being transported there from a shelter in North Carolina.

“As she grew we would often take long walks on the trails.  Everyone who saw her would comment on the ease and grace of her movement as she weaved and jumped in the woods.  It was suggested to me that I enroll her in an agility class,” MaryAnne said. “I did, and that is where our journey began.”

MaryAnne joined and continues to train at two clubs in Central New Jersey:  Bayshore Companion Dog Club and Jersey Agility Group.

Zuri did prove to be very talented at the sport. But when they started competing, MaryAnne realized that there was much more to conquer.

“The atmosphere at trials was so terrifying for her that she would simply bark at the judge and run out of the ring. I spent a year working on her confidence before I again entered her in an event.  Little by little she became the champion that she is today.”

Zuri achieved her AKC Master Agility Championship (MACH) on Nov. 2, 2014, at the Staten Island Companion Dog Training Club trial.

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