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 Jax Majerle AD CGC RN TKA owned by Brandi and Pete Majerle of Peoria, AZ

Last fall, we wrote about Jax when he earned a Trick Dog Novice title at 12 weeks of age. It was just the beginning for this precocious pup who will be one year old on June 6. After earning the TDN, Brandi and Pete Majerle wanted to see how far Jax could go. “Daily training sessions became part of our routine,” said Brandi. “It was a great way to work his mind and build a bond with him. Best of all, he absolutely loved it! He would get so excited when I got out the treats. He was happy to go wherever I was going and happy to try anything I asked. Before we knew it, Jax had earned his Intermediate and his Advanced Trick Dog Titles!”

Of course, learning tricks is fun, but learning obedience and being well behaved is also very important. As a puppy, Jax learned a lot of the basics from watching his older siblings: house training, following routines and even road trip etiquette were all mastered thanks to his brothers and sister.

To further his obedience skills, the Majerles enrolled Jax in a Canine Good Citizen class and started practicing Rally skills at home. Just as he did with new tricks, he picked up obedience skills quickly and was always happy to perform and please. “Even during his CGC evaluation his tail was swishing back and forth!” said Brandi.


Jax displays his Rally awards

Jax was entered in three Rally trials, and each time he came away with a score above 90. He had earned his Rally Novice Title!

All of this before the age of nine months: Trick Dog Novice, Intermediate and Advanced titles and his Canine Good Citizen and Rally Novice titles. “We haven’t stopped,” said Brandi. “Jax has been having fun learning Agility and Barn Hunt, even earning his first qualifying Barn Hunt run recently! He’s also added to his trick repertoire with Hugs, Wave, Handstands and Peekaboo.”

“His desire and ability to learn is amazing, but the best part is that he totally loves it. The excitement, the tail wag and the smile are a constant reminder of how important our training sessions are to him.”

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