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Pitbull Abandoned by Owner Gets New Family & Career

Jasmine of Lindenbrook UD owned by Nan & Kevin Daley of Woodside, CA

Jasmine was dropped off at the Daley’s house by a friend of their daughters’ to watch while his landlord inspected his rental house.

“He didn’t come back as expected and then told us he didn’t want her back,” Nan said. “We had an old Miniature Pinscher and didn’t want another dog until he passed on. We certainly didn’t want a Pit Bull! (They ended up being great friends.)”

They could not find a rescue group to take Jasmine so they made her part of the family. She was untrained and lacking in social skills.

“She had never been on a walk before  and didn’t know to go potty on a walk. Jasmine was startled by bikes and even a fire hydrant.  Now, two years later, our walks are her favorite thing to do!”

Nan started taking her to classes in hopes that earning an AKC Canine Good Citizen title would make her more adoptable. “That is how it all began,” she said. Both Jasmine and Nan loved the training, and Jasmine excelled, earning the advanced level AKC Obedience title of Utility Dog (UD)  at the age of 3 years on May 2, 2015, in just six tries.

“It shows what a great dog a rescue dog can be!  And to think I wanted to find her another home?  I wouldn’t trade her love and kisses for anything!”

Jasmine competes in AKC Obedience through the AKC Canine Partners program for all dogs, including mixed-breeds and rescues.