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Pig Competes in Dog Obedience and Agility

At the Seattle Kennel Club’s Dog Show, a different four-legged pet is hogging the spotlight.

Amy, a six-month-old 45-pound mini pig made her debut in agility and obedience during demonstrations at the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show on Saturday, March 7. Her owner, Lori Stock, had trained several dogs with Kathy Lang at the Family Dog Training Center. A pig, she thought, could likewise be taught basic training and good manners.

“There’s a lot of people who are having issues with their pigs and it’s the same sort of issues that people have with their dogs,” Stock told the Seattle Times. “All of Kathy’s solutions and problem-solving for dogs have worked with Amy.”

But it quickly became clear Amy’s skills went beyond the basics.

“Amy has been the most trainable ‘dog’ I’ve ever worked with,” Stock said. As long as I give her clear instruction and I keep my handling precise, consistent, and clear, she follows my lead perfect.”

Previously, Kathy has trained a goat through basic and advanced obedience.

Last weekend, Amy’s training was put to the test at the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show, where she participated in demonstrations. See her work through the weave poles and over a low jump in this video by the Seattle Times.

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