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Bacon Bits BCAT DE owned by Nancy Christensen of Dallas, TX

On their way to return a borrowed crate, a vet and his wife spied a scared, skinny, dirty little dog running down a rural road outside of Austin, TX. “Here’s your crate,” he told its owner upon their arrival. “It’s all filled up with your next rescue dog.” The crate owner had a history of rescuing German Shepherd Dogs, and this diminutive stray looked like the breed in “fun size.” The task of finding a home for this feral critter began and with one look at his sweet face, Nancy saw all kinds of potential… and so did all her friends. “As it turns out, everybody loves Bacon,” said Nancy.

At the start, Bacon challenged Nancy with his mischievous energy and curiosity. But his confidence when experiencing new people and places got their relationship cooking. Nancy observed that he easily learned skills that made life fun and active, as their bond grew stronger.

Nancy introduced Bacon to Dock Diving to help him burn some energy. In less than a year, on June 24, 2018, he earned his Dock Elite Advanced title in the lap dog division at the birthplace of the sport in Midlothian, TX at Dallas Air Dogs. With that accomplishment, the 3-year-old also earned an invitation to the 2019 Nationals in Orlando. Flyball, Barn Hunt, Fast CAT, Agility, and Trick Dog are the other many flavors of fun Bacon savors. Nancy loves “Bits” to pieces, and is enjoying the journey this unique foundling is taking her on.